We’re guessing that you’re viewing this page right now because you’re a fan of Anglo-Norman Romanesque Architecture and you’re about to build a house that follows its context. Well, don’t try to hit the Back button, as we are actually the best source of decorative rope moulding services contacts on the internet. Welcome to ropemoulding com!

But just because you don’t know what (and don’t care about) Anglo-Norman-something Architecture is, doesn’t mean that this site’s not useful to you. Hey, rope moulding these days isn’t only used on Anglo-Norman-Romanesque Architecture (which is more popular as a church design, by the way, so you’re not “stupid” if you don’t know it). Many actually find rope moulding an interesting accent for a modern house and a cute furniture design, so you may consider putting elements of it in your house too (whether through furniture or the window sides).

And if you like Ernest Hemingway (there’s a furniture line named after him that sells because of rope moulding), the more reason why you should check out our pages.

And also, we’re not just about giving rope moulding contacts. We’ll also provide general information on decorative mouldings, architectural moulding, moulding machinery and custom mouldings. Who knows? We might be a heaven-sent site for Architecture students too.